Update 7

All work on site has been completed and we are awaiting the issue of titles which is now imminent.  Note that Lot 117 has become available since our previous offer has fallen through.

Update 6

Bar some alterations to a building envelope, all works have now come to completion.  After some hickups with the noise bund, all fencing has been erected and plants have been planted.  Feel free to drive through for a look!  4 lots were sold during construction.  There are now only 3 lots remaining.  they are Lots 113, 116 and 118. Additionally the 2 existing houses are still available at very competitive prices.  (See realestate.com.au)

We are currently awaiting final approval of the subdivision after which titles will be issued.

Update 5

Herewith another progress update.  The section of road is now ready for bitumen.  Currently, driveways are being prepped for bitumen after which the road and driveways will be completed.

Some modifications to the bund are required before planting occurs.  This is now in the stages of being finalised.

In the meantime we are working obtaining clearances on all the approvals and conditions of the subdivision.

Update 4

All services are now in and connected.  The next stage involves bitumising of the road and also driveways to the upper lots.  After this, the basin will be planted out and the boundary fencing installed.  We are working closely with the relevant authorities to get the clearances we need so that there are no delays in our approvals.